Housing development construction site

A Complete Guide to Health and Hygiene on Construction Sites

Health and Hygiene on Construction Sites Promoting health and hygiene on construction sites is not just a matter of cleanliness; it’s a fundamental component of ensuring the safety and productivity of workers. Construction environments are inherently dynamic and pose various biological and physical hazards that can jeopardise workers’ well-being. Let’s delve into the critical role […]

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toilet for hire for event

Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Welfare Unit for Your Construction Site?

Worker well-being is absolutely paramount on any construction site. It’s not just about legal compliance, but also about fostering a productive and safe environment for your team. And that’s where your choice of welfare unit becomes crucial. However, knowing what to look for when looking to hire welfare units can feel like navigating a maze […]

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Effluent Tank

How Many Effluent Tanks Do I Need?

How Many Effluent Tanks Do I Need for an Event? If you’re hosting an outdoor event or have a site which uses portable or chemical toilets, then you’ll have noticed how quickly they fill up and need emptying. This is important to maintain hygiene and keep your toilets functioning properly but comes at a cost […]

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renovating bathroom in house

Hiring A Portable Toilet During Home Improvements 101

Why You Should Hire A Portable Toilet During Home Improvements If renovation works are due to begin at your home, portable toilet hire is well worth considering. Whether you are having a garden redesigned, a kitchen extension or a new bathroom being fitted, a construction site toilet hire would have many benefits. There are several […]

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Sanitising station

Should I Hire Hand Sanitiser Stations For My Large Event?

Hiring Hand Sanitiser Stands For My Large Event When organising any large event, it is important to ensure adequate facilities for your attendees and staff. Thistle Loos specialise in a wide range of services for large events, such as festivals, music concerts, and weddings. Besides portable toilet hire, Thistle also provides hand sanitiser stations to […]

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Luxury Toilet Hire

Spring Wedding? Luxury Toilet Hire Is The Cherry On The Cake!

Luxury Toilet Hire For Outdoor Weddings If you manage a venue, organising an outdoor spring wedding requires careful thought and consideration. Not only do you need to think about the number of guests, food, and ensure everything is perfect for the happy couple, safe and sanitary toilet provision is absolutely necessary to consider. We at […]

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Portable toilet hire

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Portable Toilets In 2021?

Hiring Portable Toilets In 2021 Portable toilets are an essential feature across several industries. From construction sites and festivals to temporary accommodations and hospitality venues, portable toilets are consistently needed to provide secure and hygienic sanitation. As things slowly start to open back up post-Covid, events are back, and that means there’s more demand for […]

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water bower hire picture

What Is Water Bowser Hire?

Water bowsers allow water to be easily transported to locations that might otherwise struggle to attain a clean water supply. This is a convenient solution for areas that larger tankers cannot gain access to.  Bowsers can also accommodate different types of water depending on the situation and are a great alternative to transporting bottled water. […]

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