Hiring A Portable Toilet During Home Improvements 101

Why You Should Hire A Portable Toilet During Home Improvements

If renovation works are due to begin at your home, portable toilet hire is well worth considering. Whether you are having a garden redesigned, a kitchen extension or a new bathroom being fitted, a construction site toilet hire would have many benefits.

There are several things to think about before hiring portable toilets. These include the length of the construction project, the size of the development area, whether water needs to be switched off during building works, the number of workers anticipated on site, and more.

Location is important as well. The larger the home construction site, the greater number of portable toilets will be needed to fulfil demand. Whatever the nature of the project, portable loos are more convenient and hygienic, keep your home cleaner, and ensure enhanced privacy for family members during the construction phase.

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Benefits Of Hiring A Portable Toilet

Portable toilets can enhance the construction phase of your project and improve the comfort and wellbeing of workers and residents alike. 

As well as being highly cost-effective and available for short and long-term hire, portable toilets also have several other advantages.

The major benefits of portable toilet hire for building works are as follows:

Convenience — Having a portable toilet within easy reach gives workers greater convenience, keeping them happier and more productive. This means a better pace of work — important if you need a project to progress quickly.

Hygiene — By its very nature, construction work is dirty. Having workers tread mud into your carpet when using your primary toilet is far from ideal. Hiring portable toilets ensures increased hygiene and cleanliness.

Less Disruption — Depending on the size of your project, there may be many workers wishing to use toilets throughout the day. Portable toilets ensure less disruption within the home, especially if placed outside.

HSE Compliance — The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends one toilet for every seven construction workers. If you want to ensure you meet HSE recommendations, site toilet hire is certainly the way to go.

Short & Long-Term Hire — Portable toilet rental is available for both short and long-term hire, depending on your circumstances. This gives you great flexibility in terms of the scope of your building work and budget.

Where Can I Hire Portable Toilets?

At Thistle Loos, we provide portable toilets for domestic and commercial sites throughout Leicester, Derby, Nottingham, Coventry, and Northampton. 

Most suppliers will deliver the portable toilets prior to work starting and then empty these on a weekly basis, keeping your toilet provision hygienic, clean, and continually serving workers and visitors until completion of the project.