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Thistle Loos provides a prompt, professional and cost-effective tank emptying service for all industries, including domestic, commercial, construction and industrial sites. Our experienced team empty tanks of all sizes with minimal fuss, ensuring your liquid waste is removed, efficiently, safely and carefully.

Whether you need us to empty your home’s cesspit every month or require a weekly septic emptying service for all of your construction sites, we can provide cost-effective solutions for all locations that lack access to drainage. With Thistle Loos, all of your liquid waste is collected and disposed of efficiently at a registered disposal site. We’re recognised as one of the most reliable and well-established tank emptying companies in the Midlands. Our dedicated team is equipped to provide a next day tank emptying service.

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Experienced in emptying tanks safely and swiftly

Our professional tank emptying service will minimise overflows, malfunctioning and damage to the surrounding environment. For most domestic, commercial industrial and construction clients, we provide a regular service, yet we can also complete one-off collections. Our experienced tanker drivers can reach the most distant, rural locations, with thousands of households and businesses counting on Thistle Loos for regular septic and cesspit tank emptying in Leicester and further afield.

Cesspit and septic tank emptying for homeowners

For many households in the UK, cesspits and septic tanks need to be emptied at least every 45 days. If you live in a rural area where your home is not connected to a central sewage system, we can ensure your tank is emptied routinely. Our regular emptying service will help you minimise the risks of spillages. With no mess or hassle, we provide emptying services for all tanks — no matter your system’s capacity. We can also offer a next-day service for your tanks.

Hassle-free tank emptying for businesses

With a large fleet of vacuum tankers and an experienced team, we leave commercial, industrial, and construction firms with one less job to worry about. Thistle Loos can provide a fast and reliable commercial septic and cesspit emptying service on a one-off basis or as part of a tailored service agreement. As a fully licenced emptying company, we have a duty of care to dispose of all waste responsibly.

Why choose us?

  • Over 25 years of experience providing cesspit and septic tank emptying.
  • We cater for all tank capacities, emptying systems quickly, carefully and efficiently.
  • We can help you reduce risks of spillages, overflowing or malfunctions with planned visits.
  • Our drivers are equipped to empty tanks across the Midlands.
  • No mess, no hassle.
  • We can provide a next day service for your tanks.

Effluent Tank

A service geared toward creating & maintaining safe facilities

A septic tank or cesspit that is not emptied regularly is at risk of contaminating the surrounding areas. With pre-planned agreements, we can help you avoid unnecessary delays and disruptions. While it’s true that septic tanks will work “naturally” by biodegrading your waste over time, solids will settle, meaning evacuation of contents is critical to prevent solid waste from slowly moving through the system and causing blockages.


Areas We Cover

Thistle Loos is a registered waste management specialist covering the whole of the Midlands i. If you require a quote for your tank’s emptying or wish to learn more about this service, please contact our team today.

Why not get in contact regarding your tanks emptying needs?

Simply email our friendly team at sales@thistletanks.co.uk , contact us or call us at 0145523616 to see how we can assist you with your septic and cesspit emptying needs.

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