What Is Water Bowser Hire?

Water bowsers allow water to be easily transported to locations that might otherwise struggle to attain a clean water supply. This is a convenient solution for areas that larger tankers cannot gain access to. 

Bowsers can also accommodate different types of water depending on the situation and are a great alternative to transporting bottled water. This blog will explore what water bowser hire is and why it is an excellent option to consider for delivering water to your site.

What Is A Water Bowser Hire?

What Is A Water Bowser Hire?

If you require a large volume of water at a worksite situated in a remote location or a location that would be difficult for a large tanker to reach, hiring a water bowser may be an ideal solution. Water bowsers come in sizes up to 2000 litres and can be towed easily by a 4×4 or a van. This means that water can be delivered to off-road locations or areas with uneven terrain that would be difficult for a tanker to access.

Having a clean water source for workers is a requirement by law, so ensuring that you have water readily available will allow your employees to continue work uninterrupted. Bowsers can be used as a temporary drinking station with gravity-fed taps that will enable easy access to water. Water bowsers can also be plumbed into welfare units or other facilities using a pump. In addition, water bowsers are equipped to ensure that the water in the tank cannot be tampered with, giving you quality assurance every time.

Water Bowser Hire

When hiring a water bowser, you have peace of mind knowing that road-towable bowsers have the advantage that they can be pre-prepared for filling with drinking water. They can be used in festivals and large gatherings where many people will require clean water on tap. The benefits of using a water bowser include reducing the negative impact on the planet compared with providing bottled water. The use of bottled water results in a lot of waste plastic on-site, and then you have the issue of disposing of waste plastics correctly
With a water bowser, you can transport larger quantities of drinking water on tap than what could be hauled using bottled water. Water bowsers are a green alternative to supplying bottled water to your site and are much more efficient.
Water bowsers can be prepared for filling with both clean and drinking water, depending on the requirements of your site. The lightweight and durable design that comes as standard with water bowsers means that transporting water supplies becomes simple and can lend itself to many situations.

What Stations Would Be Ideal For Water Bower Hire?

Supplying water to remote locations
Remote permeation testing
Sites with restricted access
Connection to welfare facilities
Drinking water station
Suitable for filling site tanks

If any of the above applies to your situation, please call us here at Thistle Loos at 01455230616 to assist you further with hiring a water bowser. Alternatively, fill out a contact form.