What inclusivity facilities can do for your events

Why should you be inclusive in your events? When organising events, it’s important to consider the accessibility of your facilities, none more so than your toilet provision. Despite it being a legal requirement to provide at least one disabled toilet, this is often inadequate in many cases. Not only can a lack of suitable facilities […]

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Equality of Toilets Provision 2010 and What That Means For Hiring Event Toilets

Planning an event entails plenty of organisation and brings with it many obstacles. With all of this in mind, one of the last aspects you may give thought to is toilets, however, it’s especially important when considering disabled toilet hire. To provide an inclusive experience for guests and follow the Equality Act 2010, you must […]

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Portable toilet hire

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Portable Toilets in 2021?

Portable toilets are an essential feature across several industries. From construction sites and festivals to temporary accommodations and hospitality venues, portable toilets are consistently needed to provide secure and hygienic sanitation. As things slowly start to open back up post-Covid, events are back, and that means there’s more demand for portable toilets.   Whether you’re planning […]

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installing septic tanks

Installing A Septic Tank In Your House Or Business | Is It A Must?

It’s often the least glamorous subjects which are the most important to discuss – and when it comes to whether you need to install a septic tank, ignorance is definitely not bliss. A septic tank is essentially a drainage solution for those properties and buildings which aren’t attached to a mains sewer. All sewage from […]

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Luxury Toilet Hire

Why Should You Choose Luxury Toilet Hire for Your Outdoor Wedding?

While an outdoor wedding offers freedom, the opportunity for natural photos, and endless potential weather conditions from rainy to “too hot” and everything in between, one of the things that should never be flexible is the quality of the facilities you offer to your guests. Portable toilets might not be at the top of your […]

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outdoor event in need of disabled toilet hire

Accommodating for Non-Able-Bodied Individuals at Outdoor Events with Disabled Toilet Hire

This blog will inform you of the additional value disabled toilet hire will bring to your event. The summer season is the perfect time of year to hold all your long-awaited events outdoors. Outdoor festivals, weddings, and outdoor dining have become more and more popular over the years. They give guests the chance to feel […]

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luxury portable toilets

Are there Alternatives to Standard Portaloo Cabins for Corporate Events?

Are you planning a formal corporate event in a remote location? Or perhaps a marquee wedding or other occasion that is located in a secluded, rural area? If your venue does not provide toilets, you may be put off by the idea of having to hire standard portaloo cabins. Fortunately, there is now a much […]

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water bower hire picture

What Is Water Bowser Hire?

Water bowsers allow water to be easily transported to locations that might otherwise struggle to attain a clean water supply. This is a convenient solution for areas that larger tankers cannot gain access to.  Bowsers can also accommodate different types of water depending on the situation and are a great alternative to transporting bottled water. […]

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