How Many Effluent Tanks Do I Need?

How Many Effluent Tanks Do I Need for an Event?

If you’re hosting an outdoor event or have a site which uses portable or chemical toilets, then you’ll have noticed how quickly they fill up and need emptying. This is important to maintain hygiene and keep your toilets functioning properly but comes at a cost each time you do it, potentially making portable toilets expensive. Effluent tanks are the answer.

Effluent tanks are essentially an extension to your portable toilets storage. This allows you to go for longer periods of time without having to empty your toilets. These products provide a valuable solution to event organisers everywhere, so let’s uncover what they are and how they can benefit you. 

Why Are Effluent Tanks Important?

Portable toilets are the perfect solution to outdoor events such as festivals which span a number of days and accommodate lots of people. However, they’re unlikely to be hooked up to the mains as the event is temporary, so you’ll need a place to store the waste to stop it overflowing and to keep the smell in check.

Effluent tank hire is the perfect solution for longer term use. If you have portable toilets with no access to traditional waste disposal, then an effluent tank allows you to safely store your waste for much longer.

This is particularly useful for events that last multiple days and are used by an influx of people, or for construction sites, where you’re likely to need toilets for a long period of time but not permanently.

The effluent tank won’t corrode or rust, meaning it’s a completely safe and non-toxic place to store waste which can easily be fitted and moved once you’ve finished with it. This minimises health and environmental risks and ensures comfort and hygiene for guests and staff.

How Many Tanks Do You Need?

The number of effluent tanks for your event will entirely depend on the size and longevity of the event. Effluent tanks come as a 2000 litre standard; however, multiple tanks can be linked together for larger events to ensure the capacity is met.

The number of tanks will also depend on your waste removal schedule. The non-corrosive units are made from plastic and can go for long periods without having to be emptied. However, if you choose to have fewer tanks, then this may mean that you need to up your effluent tank emptying schedule to accommodate for the full tanks.Thistle Loos provide high quality effluent tanks for your event. If you’re responsible for an event or construction site and need some support to maintain your drainage hygienically, reach out to Thistle Loos today for professional and friendly advice. The team can talk you through your options, advise on your storage space requirements and set up a scheduled servicing plan to keep your guests and workers happy and healthy.