Portable Toilet Hire Sheffield: Local, Reliable & Cost-Effective Loo Hire

Thistle Loo Hire brings over three decades of expertise to Sheffield, offering unrivalled portable toilet solutions for both residential and commercial needs. Our commitment to local communities is reflected in our reliable and cost-effective services. Nestled near the serene Peak District, we cater to the diverse needs of bustling city events or tranquil countryside weddings.

Our top-notch units guarantee cleanliness, equipped with sinks and soap dispensers. From construction site necessities to premium toilets for picturesque Derbyshire weddings, our experienced team ensures prompt and professional service. As specialists in event toilet hire, we introduce new-for-2024 shower units for added convenience. Thistle Loo Hire has grown to be a leading Midlands toilet hire company, expanding into Sheffield and neighbouring regions. Choose us for unparalleled reliability, quality, and a touch of luxury for all your portable toilet needs.

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Welfare unit from Thistle loo

Toilet Hire for Every Occasion

Thistle Loos offers premier toilet solutions for all occasions, specialising in site toilet hire for commercial and domestic construction projects in Sheffield. Our units, equipped with sinks and soap dispensers, ensure hygiene and privacy. From water deliveries to effluent tanks, we provide comprehensive services for construction sites in Leicester, Derby, Nottingham, Northampton, and Coventry.

Standard, Luxury, and Disabled Toilet Hire in Sheffield

Thistle Loos guarantees high-quality construction for each unit, emphasising structural strength and cleanliness. Our experienced team caters to short-term and long-term requirements, providing essential consumables and servicing as needed. With over 30 years of expertise in the Midlands, including Sheffield, we ensure that every event, from small gatherings to large-scale affairs, is equipped with the right sanitary provisions for the utmost comfort and convenience.

Standard Portable Toilets:

  • Ideal for various occasions, available in blue or pink.
  • Equipped with sinks and soap dispensers.
  • Dimensions: 115cm width, 120cm depth, 235 cm height.


Luxury Toilet Trailers:

  • Premium facilities for weddings, birthdays, and glamorous events.
  • Features LED lighting, luxury soaps, automatic dispensers, and running hot water.
  • Available in 2, 3, and 4 toilets per trailer.
  • Stylish LED internal and external flood lighting.
  • Dimensions: 115cm width, 120cm depth, 235 cm height.


Portable Accessible Toilets:

  • Prioritises accessibility with a wider door, grab rails, non-slip flooring, and a lower toilet.
  • Generous space and easy operation.
  • Suitable for weddings, festivals, exhibitions, and conferences.
  • Dimensions: 156cm width, 156cm depth, 230cm height.


thistle loos toilet hire

Toilet Hire from Thistle Loos

Event Toilet Hire in Sheffield

Thistle Loos offers bespoke event toilet hire services in Sheffield, ensuring seamless experiences for weddings, corporate events, and construction projects. Our meticulously inspected units, including VIP, standard, and baby change options, guarantee hygiene and comfort at popular Sheffield venues or construction sites.

With dimensions perfectly suited for diverse events, our toilets are available in blue or pink, providing ideal solutions for weddings, birthday parties, garden parties, and sporting events. Our luxury trailer toilets, equipped with contemporary LED lighting and stylish interiors, elevate the standard, echoing the expectations of 5-star hotels.

Thistle Loos understands the importance of hassle-free toilet provision for every function. Our units come fully equipped with chemical flushes, hand wash sinks, and essential amenities. As a trusted provider covering Sheffield and the entire Midlands, we ensure your event, whether celebratory or construction-focused, is equipped with top-quality facilities.

Tank Emptying Services in Sheffield

Thistle Loos offers comprehensive tank emptying services in Sheffield and surrounding areas, ensuring prompt, professional, and cost-effective solutions for domestic, commercial, construction, and industrial sites.

Our experienced team efficiently empties tanks of all sizes, minimising environmental risks and ensuring the safe removal of liquid waste. Recognized as a reliable and well-established tank emptying company in the Midlands, we provide scheduled services and emergency call-outs. From routine home cesspit emptying to weekly septic services for construction sites.

Thistle Loos delivers hassle-free solutions, collecting and disposing of liquid waste at registered disposal sites. With over 30 years of experience, our dedicated team guarantees next-day tank emptying services, leaving households, businesses, and construction sites worry-free.

Water Bowser Hire in Sheffield

Thistle Loos offers versatile water bowser hire services in Sheffield, catering to the city’s agricultural, civil engineering, and construction needs. Our efficient water bowsers, ranging up to 2,000 litres, are equipped with ‘supply and demand’ pumps, providing water for site welfare facilities and building processes.

Designed to combat site dust effectively, our high-quality bowsers come with off-road tires, making them suitable for Sheffield’s diverse terrains. Whether for civil engineering projects, major construction sites, or agricultural businesses, Thistle Loos ensures flexible and cost-effective water bowser solutions.

With dependable pumps, off-road capabilities, and scheduled water fills, our service is tailored to meet the demands of Sheffield’s dynamic sectors, providing convenient, practical, and efficient water transport solutions on-site.

Why Choose Thistle Loos for Sheffield?

  • Decades of Expertise: With over 30 years of seasoned experience, Thistle Loos stands as a veteran in the portable toilet industry, bringing unparalleled knowledge and reliability to Sheffield.
  • Complete Service Spectrum: Thistle Loos offers an extensive array of services, spanning standard to luxury units, along with tank emptying and bowser hire, ensuring a one-stop solution for all sanitation and water supply needs.
  • Tailored Solutions for Sheffield: Our commitment to Sheffield’s distinct requirements is showcased through a dedicated team that understands and caters to the city’s needs, delivering friendly and experienced service.
  • Punctual Delivery and Maintenance: Thistle Loos guarantees timely delivery, meticulous setup, and ongoing maintenance of facilities, providing peace of mind for clients in Sheffield and surrounding areas.

Still confused on what kind of Loos would suit best for your requirements or the number of Loos you require, worry no more, contact Thistle Loo Hire in Sheffield today for quotes, consult and other queries.

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