Sanitising hands

The Importance Of Sanitising Your Hands Regularly

Why You Should Sanitise Your Hands Regularly At Events As the operator of a large event, ensuring the health and wellbeing of staff and attendees should always be at the forefront of your mind. In these uncertain times with Covid-19 and other viruses still prevalent in social settings, it is important to ensure an adequate […]

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Construction site

How Many Portable Toilets Do I Need For A Construction Site?

If you operate or manage a construction site, ensuring there are adequate toilet and washing facilities is a legal requirement. Not only is it important to maintain high levels of hygiene for staff, but it is equally important to cater for any visitors to your site. While some construction sites may be able to accommodate […]

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Sanitising station

Should I Hire Hand Sanitiser Stations For My Large Event?

Hiring Hand Sanitiser Stands For My Large Event When organising any large event, it is important to ensure adequate facilities for your attendees and staff. Thistle Loos specialise in a wide range of services for large events, such as festivals, music concerts, and weddings. Besides portable toilet hire, Thistle also provides hand sanitiser stations to […]

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Luxury Toilet Hire

Spring Wedding? Luxury Toilet Hire Is The Cherry On The Cake!

Luxury Toilet Hire For Outdoor Weddings If you manage a venue, organising an outdoor spring wedding requires careful thought and consideration. Not only do you need to think about the number of guests, food, and ensure everything is perfect for the happy couple, safe and sanitary toilet provision is absolutely necessary to consider. We at […]

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Portable Toilets

Why Choose Portable Toilet Hire for Domestic Construction

Is your property due to undergo domestic construction work? If so, make sure you arrange portable toilet hire for the tradespeople working on your home. There are several reasons why this is advantageous, so keep reading to learn more. Why Consider Portable Toilet Hire for Domestic Construction? Portable toilets can be hired for a variety […]

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portable toilets

How To Make Any Space An Event Space with Portable Toilets

Using Portable Toilets At An Event Now that the Covid-19 pandemic has settled down and restrictions are being eased, events are back on. From festivals and fairs to gigs and gatherings, people are slowly starting to feel more comfortable attending things, with many looking forward to the arrival of summer and being outdoors. If you’re […]

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What inclusivity facilities can do for your events

Why should you be inclusive in your events? When organising events, it’s important to consider the accessibility of your facilities, none more so than your toilet provision. Despite it being a legal requirement to provide at least one disabled toilet, this is often inadequate in many cases. Not only can a lack of suitable facilities […]

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Equality of Toilets Provision 2010 and What That Means For Hiring Event Toilets

Planning an event entails plenty of organisation and brings with it many obstacles. With all of this in mind, one of the last aspects you may give thought to is toilets, however, it’s especially important when considering disabled toilet hire. To provide an inclusive experience for guests and follow the Equality Act 2010, you must […]

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Portable toilet hire

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Portable Toilets In 2021?

Hiring Portable Toilets In 2021 Portable toilets are an essential feature across several industries. From construction sites and festivals to temporary accommodations and hospitality venues, portable toilets are consistently needed to provide secure and hygienic sanitation. As things slowly start to open back up post-Covid, events are back, and that means there’s more demand for […]

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installing septic tanks

Installing A Septic Tank In Your House Or Business | Is It A Must?

Should I Install A Septic Tank? It’s often the least glamorous subjects which are the most important to discuss – and when it comes to whether you need to install a septic tank, ignorance is definitely not bliss. A septic tank is essentially a drainage solution for those properties and buildings which aren’t attached to […]

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