Why You Should Choose Effluent Tank Hire VS Buying One

Effluent Tank

When it comes to event organisation, there are a vast number of factors you need to consider and the guests’ comfort and hygiene needs should be a top priority. If there is no on-site plumbing or usable toilets, then you will need to think about alternatives. Effluent tank hire should be the first consideration. Effluent tanks are large-scale liquid waste storage tanks, which are primarily designed for outdoor use at festivals, concerts and similar events. They are the ideal way of containing waste until it can be safely disposed of.

Choose Effluent Tank Hire


Effluent tank hire is the most hassle-free option. We understand the stress that goes into event organisation and strive to make sure the waste storage process is as simple as possible. Buying an effluent tank comes with many other responsibilities; keeping it clean, storage, transport and maintenance to ensure it’s working correctly. Hiring a tank would allow you to bypass all those factors; all you need to worry about is simply hiring the tank and arranging a time to use it. 

If an event is running for several days, it’s almost a guarantee that the tanks will need to be emptied at some point. Thistle Loos will be able to handle this for you, we are able to arrange for tank emptying services, where we can empty the effluent tanks and dispose of the waste at an authorised location.

Effluent Tank Hire Means no Storage

Storing effluent tanks can be tricky to arrange and quite costly, especially if you own multiple for larger events. Finding a location to store them, the upkeep costs of keeping them at the storage facility and transporting them from storage to event locations can be one headache after another. Effluent tank hire would mean you can avoid the hassle altogether. All you need to consider is how many you need and when, and we can arrange the rest.

Always Hire High-Quality Effluent Tanks

When it comes to dealing with waste, you should always look for the highest-quality tanks. Here at Thistle Loos, we supply only the best. We understand the detriment waste spillages or leaks can have on the environment, so we ensured our effluent tanks are only made from the strongest and most reliable materials.

Hiring is Affordable

In regards to cost, hiring effluent tanks will always be the cheaper option. If you were to buy one, sure, you would have access to it whenever you need it, but all the costs of upkeep and maintenance will be your responsibility. Effluent tank hire will mean you will need to pay for nothing but the simple act of hiring, all costs of transport and emptying fall to us.

Effluent Tank Hire with Thistle Loos

If you’re interested in effluent tank hire for an upcoming event, then here at Thistle Loos, we can help. We are a team who have dedicated decades to supplying high-quality effluent tanks to event coordinators. Contact Thistle Loos to plan for your next event.