Hire Premium Mobile Toilets For Planned Events In 2024

When you’re planning any type of event, there are lots of factors to consider. For these popular events frequented by hundreds of people daily, it’s essential that you keep up with sanitation regulations and consider hygiene at all times to ensure your guests enjoy their day. You’ll already be planning events for 2024 to get ahead of the game and the perfect way to throw a momentous occasion in style is by using premium mobile toilets

Enhancing Event Sanitation and Public Health 

With many large events, sanitation can be a challenge, especially when you’re faced with standard portable toilets. These kinds of toilets need regular servicing, and with such a busy agenda and large queues for outdoor restrooms, this can quickly fall to the bottom of the priority list. 

Forcing your attendees to attend an event with unsanitary toilets could lead to bad reviews of your event and people becoming ill. This doesn’t bode and may lead to numerous complaints into an already busy team. Presenting a clean environment to your guests throughout the event is essential to its success. 

Benefits of Premium Mobile Toilets

Because maintaining public health standards is paramount to your event’s success and your reputation as the event owner, premium mobile toilets should be the first port of call. With premium mobile toilets, you’ll receive high-quality waste management systems that easily flush away any waste and amazing handwashing facilities in each toilet. 

We can also provide additional features which make the toilet facilities stand out above traditional portable toilets. These include exclusive LED lighting, mirrors, hot running water, hand sanitizers and high-quality soaps to mimic the 5-star experience. 

The Convenience and Hygiene Benefits of Premium Mobile Toilets 

As a community event, it’s important that you consider everyone in attendance. Premium portable toilets offer increased flexibility with the ability to provide separate toilets for men and women, just like an indoor event. You can also hire accessible toilets for individuals with disabilities who may require extra space or handrails for increased mobility. 

Hygiene and Health Considerations

Your guests come first so hygienic facilities should always be your top priority. You need to ensure you are always following your health and safety procedures, adhering to your risk assessment recommendations and preventing the spread of disease at public events. 

Our premium mobile toilets tick all the boxes with regular servicing regimes planned throughout your event and a thorough disinfection routine, leaving the toilets fresh and smelling great for the whole day. 

Event Toilet Hire with Thistle Loos

Here at Thistle Loos, we provide the very best in premium mobile toilets. We will work with you to understand the size of your event and your accessibility requirements and provide the most effective, luxury portable toilets to make your event one to remember. 
For premium mobile toilets, contact Thistle Loos today.