Hand Sanitizer Station Hire: Why It’s Still Essential for Your Event

As the world returns to normal, we may be tempted to relax our vigilance when it comes to sanitation. However – while Covid-19 may be less prevalent now – it’s important to recognise that it is still a part of our lives. Even beyond Covid-19, there are several other diseases that are easily spread at events. That’s why hand sanitizer station hire is still crucial at events of all kinds, from small get-togethers to large festivals.

Covid-19 is Still Present

Although the severity of Covid-19 may have dissipated, the virus is still very much present in our communities. While many attendees are likely to be fully vaccinated, it’s important to recognise that not everyone else at the event will be. You can help prevent the spread of the virus and keep everyone safe ith hand sanitizer station hire.

Hand sanitizer stations should be placed in high-traffic areas and near frequently touched surfaces such as tables, chairs, and doorknobs. This will encourage event attendees and staff to use the stations regularly, which can in turn reduce the likelihood of an outbreak at your event.

Hand Sanitizer Stand

Hand Sanitizer Stations Protect From Other Illnesses

Covid-19 isn’t the only illness that can be spread at events. From the common cold to the flu, there are other illnesses that can be spread through contact with contaminated surfaces or people. You can help prevent the spread of these illnesses as well by providing hand sanitizer stations.

It’s also worth remembering that some people may have weakened immune systems or other health conditions that make them more susceptible to illness. By providing hand sanitizer stations, you can make your event accessible to a wider range of people and help ensure that everyone feels safe and well-cared for.

Which Events Require a Hand Sanitizer Station?

While all events can benefit from hand sanitizer stations, there are some types of events that may benefit from them more than others. Here are a few examples:

Hire a Hand Sanitizer Station Today

If you’re an event organiser who is preparing for an upcoming event, make sure that hand sanitizer stations are part of your planning. Thistle Loos provide hand sanitizer stands in Coventry and the surrounding areas and have years of experience in event sanitation.
Our hand sanitizer stations are easy to set up and use and they’re designed to be durable and easy to notice. If you have any questions or would like to schedule your hand sanitizer station hire today, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team through our contact page.