The Importance Of Sanitising Your Hands Regularly

Why You Should Sanitise Your Hands Regularly At Events

As the operator of a large event, ensuring the health and wellbeing of staff and attendees should always be at the forefront of your mind.

In these uncertain times with Covid-19 and other viruses still prevalent in social settings, it is important to ensure an adequate supply of hand sanitiser to prevent the spread of germs. Public events like galas and festivals understandably run the risk of widespread virus transmission. The busier the event, typically the higher the threat.

One way to achieve a safer and more welcoming environment is to invest in a range of alcohol hand sanitisers. If there is a lack of warm running water and soap at your event, alcohol hand sanitiser is a practical and effective alternative.

Hand washing and sanitising is simply the most effective way to minimise the spread of germs. Viruses and diseases can easily transmit from person to person upon contact with surfaces. This is why regular hand sanitising is important if you are to maintain a healthy environment no matter what the size of your event.

Sanitising hands

Do I Need Portable Hand Wash Stands At My Event?

Hand sanitising stands can be beneficial regardless of your provision of regular washing facilities. There is no optimal number of stands as such. But it is important to place them at strategic points within your venue, such as near toilets, entrances, eating areas, canteens, corridors, retail outlets, and other communal areas. Highlighting stands with bold signage can help increase the uptake of sanitiser. Contact us to find out more.

Ensuring an adequate number of sanitisers at key locations means staff and visitors can clean their hands regularly throughout your event. You can assess how many stands you need by considering the size and layout of your venue, and also by the expected footfall.

Busy areas will understandably require a greater number of hand wash stands than quieter locations. Having a clear idea of the number of visitors (e.g. by the issuing of tickets) can help you to better assess the quantity of stands you need.

High traffic zones are particularly vulnerable to the spread of germs, so ensuring a suitable number of stands goes a long way to reducing the threat. Even so, it is still advisable to use sanitiser in conjunction with other health and safety measures.

Hiring Hand Wash Stations For Your Event

If you are serious about reducing the threat of Covid-19 and similar viruses, the hire of hand sanitiser stands is a sensible and effective option. Not only does alcohol hand sanitiser kill 99.9% of bacteria, it also gives staff and visitors peace of mind.

Thistle Loos provide hand sanitising stands for all kinds of events, including large events like festivals and street carnivals. We can provide you with several varieties of hand washing stations, including basic sanitiser cones or more complex systems with sanitiser dispensers and integrated drying features. These give you great flexibility to deploy a range of stations to meet the needs of your event.