Septic Tank Responsibility: Moving Into A Home With A Tank

Homebuyers typically have a lot of questions around septic tank responsibility when moving into a property with a septic tank. Often, this is understandably so. With the majority of houses in the UK being connected to a mains water supply, it’s not common to find homes with septic tanks. But they do exist and it’s important to understand the rules and regulations before you make a move.

Moving Into A Home With A Septic Tank

Approximately 5% of UK homes aren’t connected to a main sewage line. This means, unlike the other 95% of homes, waste water from appliances like washing machines and showers and sewage water from toilets isn’t dispersed into a main local sewer. Instead, it is collected via either a cesspit, a sewage treatment plant, or a septic tank. This means that the water is collected outside of the mains sewage.

The majority of homes that operate this way are rural, but not always. However, before you make a home purchase, you need to make sure you understand septic responsibility fully.

Top Considerations to Make 

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the key considerations when buying a house with a septic tank. 

Septic Tank Responsibility is Yours

Firstly, we need to address septic tank responsibility. Septic tanks are subject to strict maintenance regulations. This means you need to make sure you’re clued up on everything related to repairs and cleaning. You need to get your tank emptied on a regular basis and ensure there is no damage. Overflows or damage could mean wastewater is leaked into the surrounding area, and this can incur penalties for you.

Effluent tank emptying

There are Rules and Regulations That Must be Followed

Due to the nature of waste water, there are strict rules surrounding where septic tanks can be discharged into and where they can be positioned in relation to other buildings. In theory, any house you buy should be fully compliant with the law. In case you get a property that has slipped through the net, make sure you rectify any issues immediately. This could mean installing a whole new system – but it must be done. 

Whilst septic tanks can be somewhat costly to replace, environmental penalty fines are much higher. 

Consider the Cost of Septic Tank Responsibility

You need to think about the associated costs with owning a septic tank. Whilst you won’t need to pay a local sewage provider for removal, you will need to pay a septic tank emptying firm to empty and maintain your tank.

What are the Access Rights? 

Your septic tank will likely be located within the boundary of your property, but sometimes, in the case of shared tanks, it may not be. You need to clarify when you purchase the house who is entitled to access when emptying, repairs, or general maintenance need to be carried out. 

What is the Condition of the Tank?

When you buy your house, it’s always worth getting professionals out to assess the state of the tank and the pipework. Things may look okay on the surface, but trouble could be brewing elsewhere, so make sure you get it checked out as soon as possible.

Thistle Tanks Septic Tank Emptying

If you need more advice on septic tank responsibility, or if you have a septic tank that you need emptying, please get in touch with our team today. Our septic tank emptying services ensure that your tank remains in good condition without risk of overflowing.