Why Should You Choose Luxury Toilet Hire For Your Outdoor Wedding?

Luxury Toilet Hire For Outdoors Weddings

While an outdoor wedding offers freedom, the opportunity for natural photos, and endless potential weather conditions from rainy to “too hot” and everything in between, one of the things that should never be flexible is the quality of the facilities you offer to your guests.

Portable toilets might not be at the top of your checklist, and they certainly aren’t the most glamorous thing to think about when planning your wedding day, but having clean, convenient, and accessible toilets for your guests is essential.

Why Luxury Toilets?

Have you ever been at a wedding or a formal event in your evening gown or suit, and then found yourself queueing to use what is essentially a public toilet? While the toilets at your wedding will never be the highlight of the day, having somewhere that feels hygienic and a little bit luxurious will give your guests a more positive experience and will make your big day better for everyone.

A luxury toilet is more than just a stall. Most high-end toilet suppliers offer more space in every cubicle, with the sink and communal area outside the stalls also representing the luxury of the day – from the soap on offer to the cleanliness of the mirrors and the quality of the hand towels.

It’s not just the quality of the toilet blocks themselves that are important.

Other Things you Might Have Forgotten…

Even the most luxurious toilets need to be situated somewhere convenient but out of the way – giving people privacy when they use them and ensuring that they don’t end up in any photos.

It is also important to make sure you have plenty of toilets available to keep queues as short as possible, with some wedding planners even recommending bringing in your own luxury toilet hire a company to supplement venue bathrooms where necessary.

Then you have the importance of accessible toilets for those who may need somewhere more private, for those who have children, and for those who may have disabilities and other personal challenges. The aim of luxury toilet hire is to give everyone the privacy and quality that they (and their wedding outfit) deserve.

The Toilets you Need for your Outdoor Wedding

If the great outdoors is your venue, integrating luxury into those little details and guest touchpoints is sure to have a big impact and create positive and lasting memories – and that should start with the facilities on offer.

Choose luxury toilet hire and benefit from:

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