Accommodating for Non-Able-Bodied Individuals at Outdoor Events with Disabled Toilet Hire

Disabled Toilet Hire At Thistle Loos

This blog will inform you of the additional value disabled toilet hire will bring to your event. The summer season is the perfect time of year to hold all your long-awaited events outdoors. Outdoor festivals, weddings, and outdoor dining have become more and more popular over the years. They give guests the chance to feel free, and get back to nature, all while having a fantastic time at your event.

However, being the organiser of one of these events can be quite stressful without proper planning. There’s a lot to think about. You’ll need to consider the weather and what to do if a thunderstorm suddenly appears on event day, think about the types of food that are suitable and flexible with the outdoors, and you’ll also need to ensure that your chosen venue is accessible to all the guests.

Considering Disabilities

Disabilities come in many different forms and you need to make sure you cater to all your potential guests to ensure your event is accessible to everyone.

Disabled Toilet Hire

Lots of outdoor events offer portaloos as a solution for the lack of permanent toilet facilities. They’re a hygienic solution that’s flexible, can be moved around, and can be delivered at your convenience. They even come with insurance and their own cleaning company, so you don’t need to lift a finger as an event organiser – except perhaps to point to where the portable toilet hire company needs to leave them.

However, hiring a dozen portaloos isn’t going to cut it for everyone. There may be some guests at your wedding that struggle to access standard-sized portaloos, even if they’re on completely flat ground. They may need to manoeuvre a wheelchair into the portaloo, have more room to move around, or need help and support getting on and off the toilet.

What a Hired Disabled Toilet Has to Offer

–        Space

If your guests have mobility issues, they must be able to use the toilet in comfort and this sometimes means providing a little bit of extra space. Portable disabled toilets are twice as wide as standard portable loos, meaning they can fit in wheelchairs and other mobility assistance equipment if needed.

–        Low Floor

Some standard portable toilets have a lip on the bottom where you need to step up into the cubicle or step over a threshold with a lip. This can prove difficult for those people who struggle to walk. Disabled portable toilets have a doorway that’s flat to the floor so there’s no step or lip to navigate or potentially trip over.

–        Handles

Not all disabilities are to do with walking. Some individuals may struggle to balance or to hold their weight. This can make standing up in a cubicle difficult or getting off the toilet almost impossible without support. Disabled portable toilets offer ample assistance in the form of handles to ensure that there’s always support where needed.

When throwing an event outside, you must make sure it’s accessible to everyone to make sure they all have a great time. Disabled portable toilet hire is a great way to show that you’ve catered to everyone. The hire company will provide insurance with the toilet so there’s no danger and they’ll clean and take away the toilet when you’re done. 

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