Water Bowser Hire: What Are The Benefits For Farming?

What Are The Benefits Of Water Bowser Hire For Farming?

For farmers, providing water for livestock and plants can be a challenge. This is because fields are normally outside of the reach of the water supply, so water won’t be filtered to them automatically, even through tactical irrigation. To overcome this issue, water bowser hire is the best solution.

A water bowser is essentially a big barrel of water which can be hitched up on a trailer or behind a tractor to easily transport large quantities of water between fields or outside the farmyard. There are a whole host of benefits of using a water bowser.

Make Your Farm Work Easier

Because of the versatility of water bowsers, which come in various sizes, they are a great piece of equipment for making your farm work easier. They can be transported to various locations to distribute water without the need for strenuous carrying back and forth or the requirement to be near free flowing water.

This gives farmers more scope and opportunity to cultivate crops, vegetable patches and graze livestock on land much further away from the actual farm buildings.

Make Your Farm Work Faster

Fetching and carrying buckets of water will take a long time and more hands. However, it is a necessary task to ensure your farm runs smoothly and continues to be successful.

Farmers sometimes have massive time constraints on water delivery, just because the weather dictates when crops need to be watered and harvested. Using a water bowser will speed up the watering process to ensure a good harvest.

Water Bowsers Are More Cost Effective

Water bowsers provide a cost-effective and sanitary method of transporting water from one side of the farm to the other. Running water costs money. However, storing water in a water bowser means that farmers could potentially use rainwater after a heavy rainfall, so there are no water costs involved.

The strong materials used also prevent leakage, meaning more water can be stored for longer. And the largest bowsers can contain up to 3000 litres at a time, lessening the trips backwards and forwards across the farm, which could also reduce fuel consumption.  

The ability to move large quantities of water in one go will also give you more flexibility and reduce the need for extra farmhands to get the work done. The use of water bowsers could actually save money on wages overall.

Water Bowsers Are Completely Versatile

Water bowsers come in multiple sizes. This means that they are easily transportable across short distances. It’s easy to attach a bowser to the back of a vehicle and drive to multiple destinations to distribute water.

Bowsers also come with various attachments to allow water distribution across fields to spray crops. The water bowsers are UV and chemical resistant, which means that they are also safe to store water for livestock consumption too. 

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